Less than 15 minute

Blackened fish tacos

Dill salad salmon wraps


Omelette w bread


Dill salad salmon wraps

Banh Mi

Crispy Noodle

Mexican Casserole

Fancy Salad

Summer curry


Potato wedges, broccoli and ranch dip and buttery spinach 

(2022.02.20 - testing recipe)

Or shall I say Bomb Me - crispy marinated tofu, slightly pickled carrots, cucumber & celery, chili mayo, cilantro, jalepeno

Serve with a great rye bread with butter

Try it w coconut bacon flakes

10 min prep, 20 min cook, then boom 3 meals prepped

Chickpea based. Easy and absolutely delicious. Great for meal prep.

Delicious and simple

Try Air Fried, Try Steamed. Both great. 

Macaroni and cheese 2024 recipe

Easy and delicious

Easy and delicious

Easy and delicious

Easy and delicious

Easy and delicious

The best!


Makes two pies (2 meals)

The best, most versatile Seitan recipe out there!

The BEST way to eat cucumbers

Great side dish

Uses an egg

(flax seed probably will be fine too)

SWEET POTATO CASSEROLE with Marshmallow Topping

NYT Cooking

Great with gyros